Committee Composition and Quorum Requirements

Federal laws mandate that the IACUC be composed of members who fulfill particular roles. Specifically, the AWA requires the following (at a minimum):

  • Chairperson - The IACUC chair has the responsibility for overseeing the coordination and implementation of effective, efficient systems for protocol review and program review by the IACUC in compliance with the PHS policy an the AWA. The chair is the spokesperson for the IACUC, and is responsible for evaluating and promoting initiatives to improve the animal care and use program.
  • Veterinarian - The veterinarian must have direct or delegated program responsibility.
  • Non-affiliated member - This member must not be affiliated with the institution in any way. This person is intended to represent general community interests in terms of the care and use of animals in teaching and research. This member has equal status to every other member of the committee.
  • Scientist - This member must be a practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals.
  • Non-scientist - This member must have primary concerns that are in a nonscientific area.

There is no requirement that any particular member or category of members must be present at all IACUC meetings (note: this differs from Institutional Review Board (IRB) regulations, which require the nonscientist member to be present). However, an institution must have a properly constituted IACUC in order for the committee to conduct valid official business.

Quorum Requirements

“Quorum” is defined as a majority (50%) of the voting members of the IACUC.